Welcome to my site, I'm Wilma.  My mission is to preserve memorable stories for the future and record them whether as memoir, part of a biography, community history or business history, because stories are how we experience the world.


Who is a story teller in your family, your business, your community?

Imagine capturing these stories by making a permanent record, guided by our friendly, experienced interviewers to create a unique and precious family heirloom.

Why me?  

I am a qualified, caring and friendly Historian and interviewer with years of experience, I respect confidentiality and will work with you, guide you and help you shape your story. 

For more information about me please read 'My life story'

Sharing stories is an ancient way of connecting generations and communities with their ancestors.

Even today, in our sophisticated digital world, stories are important because stories are how we interpret our world, how we connect and pass on knowledge between generations.

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